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Erika Madden

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Smile! (Lite) Audit

Is it important to you that you build a likable brand that easily draws in (then keeps!) passionate fans, blog readers, clients, and customers?

Perfect! I can help. :)

I'm Erika Madden, the reputation stylist (+ blogger, author, and sushi lover) over at A Journalism major, I have 18+ years of design experience combined with 10+ years in blogging, marketing, and customer service. During this time I've advised everyone from small biz owners and hobby bloggers to national non-profits on how to grow successfully (+ delightfully) online.

Using my knowledge + current experience as an online entrepreneur who has attracted a following of over 25,000 amazing people in two short years, I'll go to work thoroughly auditing your activity in your blog combox OR one social network of your choice. When my job is done, I'll deliver a detailed list of smart activities and advice that you can use immediately to interact with people in an attentive, friendly, + classy waythat will set you apart from the average blog + biz crowd -- and positively thrill your audience!

And don't worry -- you won't be left to figure things out on your own. You'll also get one complimentary follow-up email consult from me so you can ask any and all questions that come up after you receive your homework!

The Smile! (Lite) audit of your brand will help you begin:

  1. Becoming likable (and memorable!) online
  2. Growing your coveted group of "Forever Fans"
  3. Crafting a pro brand persona
  4. Dishing out awesome service to followers, clients, or customers!


Do I need to be a full-fledged business owner to benefit from this?

Not at all! This audit is ideal for any person who has a digital presence and wants to grow a larger, loyal audience by being more profesh and likable online. It is well-suited for bloggers of all kinds, as well as part-time freelancers and side-hustlers. :)

How soon will you complete my audit?

Your audit homework checklist is typically delivered to you via email within 2-3 business days after I confirm your URL.

What if I need something that covers more areas, like my Facebook Group or emails to clients?

I'd love to help you with that. :) Might you feel up for checking out what comes with the standard Smile! audit?

Need to contact me? Sure thing! I'm always available at, or you can tweet me @OlyviaMedia.

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