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Erika Madden

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Smile! Audit

You're comfortable with many aspects of online business. Yet, you're finding that you're still secretly insecure when it comes to delivering genuinely heroic client and customer service. And you REALLY wish you knew how to interact better with both your fans and your critics.

If this sounds like you, I can help.

I'm Erika Madden, the reputation stylist (+ blogger, author, and sushi lover) over at A Journalism major, I have 18+ years of design experience combined with 10+ years in blogging, marketing, and customer service. During this time I've advised everyone from small biz owners and hobby bloggers to national non-profits on how to grow successfully (+ delightfully) online.

Using my knowledge + current experience as an online entrepreneur who has attracted a following of over 25,000 amazing people in two short years, I'll go to work thoroughly auditing your activity in your blog combox, one sales webpage for services or products, two social media accounts, one Facebook community, and three emails to clients / customers / fans / affiliates.

When my job is done, I'll deliver a detailed PDF homework packet filled with expert activities and advice that you can use right away to genuinely woo your audience -- from writing more effective, customer-oriented sales pages to conflict-reducing,proemails that set you apart from the blog + biz crowd.

This is what one successful web designer said about just a small portion of the recommendations I gave her:

"If I could hug right now, I would. My more emotional side was getting in the way of composing a coherent and professional email -- [your advice] was so, so helpful."

And never fear: you won't be left alone to figure this all out by yourself. After you receive your homework, you also get one week of complimentary email consulting from me where you can get my advice when you need it.

The Smile! audit of your brand can help you:

  1. Attract a loyal online following (that adores you!)
  2. Increase your sales -- and get more repeat business
  3. Fix tough situations with clients, customers, or just critical followers
  4. Get more blog + biz results out of your Facebook Group and social networks

+ You'll also get your choice of one of my e-books, free!

Delight or Pre-Scripted or Detox


I have [an Etsy shop / a course site on Teachable / reviews on Amazon / ...]. Do you have a customer service audit for those, too?

Awesome! I sure do. :) When it's convenient for you, head on over to see what's included in the Smile! (Plus) package.

Need to contact me? Sure thing! I'm always available at, or you can tweet me @OlyviaMedia.

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