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Smile! (Plus) Audit

You have a growing online business based on audacious dreams -- and a solid plan to succeed. But something is holding you back, and in the pit of your stomach you know what it is: your relationship with followers, clients, and customers. If you could get that right, you know you could really go places...

So enough spinning wheels! Let's get you there. :)

I'm Erika Madden, the reputation stylist over at A Journalism major, I have 18+ years of design experience combined with 10+ years in blogging, marketing, and customer service. During this time I've advised everyone from small biz owners to national non-profits on how to grow successfully (+ delightfully) online.

Using my knowledge + current experience as an online entrepreneur who has attracted a following of over 25,000 amazing people in two short years, I'll go to work thoroughly auditing your activity in your blog combox, one sales webpage for services or products, one course site (ie: Teachable), three social media accounts, one Facebook community, one review site (ie: Etsy, Amazon, Yelp...), and ten emails to clients / customers / fans / affiliates.

Furthermore, I'll recruit five secret people within your target audience to interact with you + your digital spaces, then report back to me with their candid impressions.

When my job is done, I'll deliver a detailed PDF homework packet filled with comprehensive and point-by-point advice that you can use ASAP to improve your brand.

Finally, I'll write a custom tone guide (tailored to your specific brand personality) that you can use in all of your future biz communications. (Wish you knew how to troubleshoot a person's problem without sounding impatient -- or like a shriveled corporate manual? Now you will!)

Of course, you won't be left in the dark to figure all this out alone. After everything is delivered, you'll get two weeks of email consulting from me in order to ask plenty of questions as they arise. :)

The Smile! (Plus) audit of your brand can help you:

  1. Rise above your competition with a 5-star customer service culture
  2. Dazzle ho-hum or negative reviewers/clients/customers with gracious responses
  3. Receive priceless real-world insight into how people really perceive your brand

+ You'll get three of my e-books, free!

Delight and Pre-Scripted and Detox


How soon will you complete my audit?

Your audit homework packet + mystery shopper results + custom brand tone guide will be delivered to you via email within an average of 30 business days after I confirm your URLs + receive the emails you want audited.

I'm a business owner with a large brand; I'd love to have an in-depth service audit that covers ALL the unique aspects of my business. Do you do this kind of work?

Yes I do! Please drop me a note with A) your specific needs and B) your general budget at the email below. :)

Need to contact me? Sure thing! I'm always available at, or you can tweet me @OlyviaMedia.

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